Young Artist Competition

Date and Location

Sunday, April 14, 2019, 6pm

Daesung Presbyterian Church
425 Tasman Dr. Sunnyvale, CA 94089

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Audition Requirements
  1. The 2019 Young Artist Competition is only open to past members of the KAMSA Youth Symphony Orchestra (YSO) [2018 or earlier]
  2. If selected as a soloist for the 2019 KAMSA YSO, he/she has to register as 2019 YSO member and participate in all the sectionals, rehearsals and final concert orchestra performance.
  3. Contestants will be auditioned with symphonic instruments (excludes piano and organ).
  4. Contestants are expected to have two contrasting movements from the same piece (concerto or other work for solo and orchestra).
  5. Contestants should be ready to perform from memory.
  6. Contestants should provide their own accompanists.
  7. Contestants should provide two copies of the audition piece for the judges.
  8. A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 must accompany your application form. Please make the check payable to KAMSA
  9. Check the list for not allowed works. (Click the link below “Requirements”)

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Registration Deadline

April 5, 2019


For more information, please contact
Kasey Chung
send an e-mail to:

Winner of the 2018 Young Artist Competition

Arin Chang, violin; Sarah Chong, cello

Past Soloists

Min Chul Cho, cello; Edward Jung, violin (2017)
Jason Moon, violin; Kevin Sung, violin (2016)
Dong Hui Kim, Piano; Andrew Jaewon Lee, Violin (2015)
Minku Lee, cello; Jaewon Lee, clarinet (2014)
Minji Kim, viola; Jay Kim, cello (2013)
Kijun Sung, oboe; Kijoon Daniel Baeg, violin (2012)
Ivan Lee and Alice Park, violin; Songyi Chun, cello; Laura Son, violin; Joshua Oh, clarinet (2011)
Da Eun Kim, violin; Kiwoon Joshua Baeg, cello; Michelle Lee, violin (2010)
Michelle Lee, violin; Guest artists: Alicia Lee, clarinet; Jessica Ryou, violin (2009)
Robert Oh, flute; Christine Chon, violin; Dongjune Kim , piano (2007)
Hong-Chun Youn, piano; Grace Park, violin; Kevin Youk, tenor (2006)
Kyung-Sun Min, piano; Phillip Jung, cello (2005)
Christine Choi, violin; Jordan Han, cello (2004)
Guest artists: Joo-Young Oh, violin; Dongsuk Kim, kayageum (2003)
Anna Chang, violin; Albert Hwang, cello (2002)
Anna Oh, oboe (2001)
Sooyoun Kathy Kwon, violin; Heeso Kim, flute (2000)
Rebecca Jackson, violin; Gilbert Hwang, cello; Jeong-Seon Cha, piano (1999)
Lana Lee, violin; Gilbert Hwang, cello; Kyon Son, voice; Guson Kang, piano (1998)
David Ro, piano (1997)
Rebecca Jackson, violin; Lana Lee, violin; Kane Lee, flute; Jinsue Choi, clarinet (1996)
Anita Stoneham, violin; Yunho So, piano (1995)
Maragaret Park, Jinwha Choi (1994)
Aaron Jang, cello; Chayong Lee, violin (1993)
Maria Shim, violin; Karen Hong, violin (1992)