Membership Enrollment

2024 KAMSA's 34th Concert Enrollment Form

By accepting your invitation, my child and I agree to abide by the following rules:
  1. Youth Symphony Orchestra members must come to the first rehearsal having thoroughly practiced each piece.
  2. Youth Symphony Orchestra members must attend all subsequent rehearsals, unless a formal request of absence is made and special permission is granted by the Youth Symphony Orchestra Coordinator. Membership will be revoked if there are more than two absences.
  3. Youth Symphony Orchestra members must arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Tardiness will incur disadvantage.
  4. KAMSA reserves all rights for using any form of photography or audio/video media for Youth Symphony Orchestra purposes.
  5. KAMSA reserves all rights for deciding the Youth Symphony Orchestra seating arrangements. This will be done in a manner so as to maximize the balance of the orchestra and may not necessarily be indicative of the performer’s ability. There will be no questions or complaints about seating assignments.
  6. KAMSA does not take responsibility for personal injuries or musical instrument damages.


I accept your invitation for my child to play in 2024 KAMSA's 34th Concert.

Enrollment Fee: $495.00

To complete this enrollment, please pay the enrollment fee after submit.
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